And Then I Woke Up by Malcolm Devlin


My Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: Horror
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Please note in an exchange for an honest review, I received an advance reader copy (ARC) from NetGalley.


After reading so much fantasy books, I really wanted to read something different. I had requested to read this book and was glad that I was accepted.


The story, for the most part, follows the point of view of Spence. Spence witnesses a zombie outbreak and fights to survive this new apocalyptical world.

And yet, not all appears as it seems.

While the world might be falling apart in Spences point of view, in reality, the world is still the same. There are no Others (zombies) but just a disease in where people's perspectives are warped to believe the world is coming to an end.

This story is an obvious commentary of the power of misinformation. By using a zombie outbreak, Malcolm Devlin was able to successfully portray how something can be so vastly different to each person's perspective. It actually gave me pause and made me understand why someone so deep into a lie just locked down on it despite everything pointed against it. When you have the choice to believe a lie or come to the hard realization that everything you loved and worked hard for is lost because of your actions--which would you rather believe?

Final Thoughts

And Then I Woke Up is a wonderful novella that I recommend anyone to read. It gives you a perspective and understanding of the power of misinformation in the lens of a zombie outbreak. Some of the tales broke my heart and despite the short time with the characters, I found myself grown attached to them.